Brexit Worries In Region Are Growing Say Campaign Group

Brexit Worries In Region Are Growing Say Campaign Group
Brexit Worries In Region Are Growing Say Campaign Group

Chair of For Europe says that people in the region are starting to worry when it comes to Brexit.

Mr Maguire and members of his movement were in Beverley where they were giving people from all sides a chance to express their views.

Using their Brexitometer members of the public had the chance to vote on if they wanted a Peoples Vote, No Deal or Theresa Mays deal.

Speaking to  Mr Maguire said;

“We are finding that people are very worried now. It is very clear that many industries and big firms  are moving out of the country.”

“People are now also worried about agriculture and what will happen if there is a no deal.”

“They are also starting to identify that Teresa Mays deal is a blind deal.”

“It’s a promise that things might be better in the future. The deal that is on the table at the moment is just a divorce, not the issue about what will happen in the next ten years.”

“Other things we are hearing is that people are bored and they have heard enough of this. If Teresa Mays deal goes ahead then all we will be talking trade deals for the next ten years.

“So if you are sick of Brexit now, you will really be sick of Brexit in ten years time.”

Mr Maguire says should not be supporting the deal. He also says that the feedback they have is the MP will go whichever way the wind is blowing.

Group Wanted To See Different Approach To Brexit By Local MP

Commenting on the views people have expressed about the MP he said;

“As a Junior Minister in the Government, it is not surprising he is supporting the deal. I believe he should vote against the deal but I am not holding my breath as he is a Minister.”

“I would have been much happier if had gone out to the population and said, this is what is happening, this is what the results might be, is this still what you want to do.”

“After next Tuesday when it seems very likely that Mays deal will be removed and the government has to come back in three days. It is starting to run out of options.”

“People don’t want the Norway option because it is freedom of movement. This winds some people up.”

“It does not wind us up as it also our rights to go somewhere else if we want to and that is being removed. Also, it is removing our citizenship, something we are concerned about.”

When asked if he trusted the government to be able to govern post-Brexit and deliver he said;

“They have hired a ferry company with no ferries and organised a traffic jam in Kent. There has been no planning for Hull Docks – I think we should be extremely worried.

Had they done this two years ago there may have been some confidence. But there is no confidence there now.

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