People’s Vote Would Solve Nothing Says MP Graham Stuart

People’s Vote Would Solve Nothing Says MP Graham Stuart
People’s Vote Would Solve Nothing Says MP

MP says a People’s Vote Would solve nothing but damage public trust in the democratic system.

Mr Stuart also was clear that he will be backing Theresa Mays deal which she has secured with EU in Tuesday’s key vote.

Speaking to Mr Stuart said;

“We have had the peoples vote, everyone was told their say would be taken seriously. If they decided to leave the European Union then both and and others in Parliament promised whatever decision they made would be honoured and delivered.”

“There was no suggestion that if we gave the wrong answer, like suggesting to leave,  they would be asked again. A people’s vote would solve nothing.”

“If it was a repeat would that change the attitude of many of the people arguing to remain, I don’t think so.” 

“If it went marginally the other way, what would that decide, other than a lot of leave voters would have lost trust in the whole democratic system would simply refuse to participate.”

“Personally, although I campaigned to remain I would not blame them.”

Mr Stuart feels there is not an issue with how Parliament is dealing with the process. He said that Parliament has agreed overwhelmingly that we will leave the EU.

Totally Opposed To People’s Vote

He said;

“We all voted overwhelmingly to trigger Article 50, which said we would leave the EU on March 29. Now if we could deal with the EU that was beneficial to both sides then great.  But if we couldn’t then we just leave on March 29.”

“Most of the trade in the world is done on WTO terms. If we leave then we move to WTO terms. The vote must be honoured democracy trumps all else in my book.”

“I am categorically and totally opposed to a second referendum. What we going to have, best out of three, best of five.  Or do answers only count when they fit with what the cognoscenti think. I find it an outrage that people want to patronise people.”

“A lot of people from the Peoples Vote tell that people were misled or lied to or didn’t understand. I don’t buy that in the least.”

“I think people knew what they were doing, they made their decision and it is my job honour it even though I was strongly opposed to it.”

“On Tuesday I hope to see the deal go through but if we don’t then I hope and expect we will facilitate the smoothest Brexit we can. But what we must do is deliver Brexit.”

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