Post Office Closure Plans Prompt Conservatives To Call For ‘Re-Think’

Post Office Closure Plans Prompt Conservatives To Call For ‘Re-Think’
Post Office Closure Plans Prompt Conservatives To Call For ‘Re-Think’

Post Office closure plans have prompted the local Conservatives to call those behind the proposals to have a ‘Re-Think’.

’s Crown Post Office in the Town Centre faces an uncertain future. The post office has confirmed they are drawing up plans to relocate it to the nearby WH Smith store.

As a result of this news, petitions have been started and protests held. Cllr Elaine Aird called the plans ludicrous.

“I think the plan to close Beverley’s main Post Office is ludicrous. It’s a very busy and well-used facility all day long, with not only residents making use of the many services provided,” she said. “Also the centre of town businesses use it for their banking, franking and parcel requirements.”

“I fail to see how this large volume of work can be carried out in WH Smith which is, after all, a rather small shop.”

The Conservatives have also raised concerns about how the closure will impact the wider community. They say that concerns related to accessibility for all the community.

She added;

“St Mary’s Conservatives don’t believe the people of Beverley will be well served. The provision is only just adequate now with the Post Office on Register Square and PO counter at newsagents.”  

“The likely future population growth of Beverley will see demand for Post Office services increase rather than decrease.”

“As a result, we are of the conviction that any reduction in services, space dedicated to providing those services or reduction in accessibility must be avoided.”  

How You Can Object To Post Office Closure Plans

Cllr Aird wants even more residents to make their views known by writing to the local MP, she said;

“The more people who can take five minutes to contact the stronger our case will be. This can be done email and also by post.”

While residents a being asked to share their concerns, the MP himself said he will contact the Post Office.

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