Pavement Signs To Be Installed Between Retail Park And Town Centre

Pavement Signs To Be Installed Between Retail Park And Town Centre
Pavement Signs To Be Installed Between Retail Park And Town Centre

Temporary pavement signs are to be installed at opposite ends of the centre of as a trial to encourage visitors to make the most of their time in the historic market town.

Known as roundels, the circular markers will display directions and distance information and will be located between Within and , and between and the Flemingate centre, via .

Championed by , Flemingate Centre Manager, this initiative follows the installation of a totem sign at Flemingate displaying walking times to key attractions in the town. 

Graham said;

“These pavements signs will encourage visitors to to appreciate the town centre can be explored easily on foot and illustrate how connected our town really is.”

“They address perceptions about the distances involved. For example, I’ve spoken to businesses in who tell me that people don’t visit because they think it’s too far to walk from .”

Not everyone is ‘keen’ on more signage being added to the streets of .

In December Cllr , when asked about the project questioned the choice of the route and saying ‘While I understand this is about connectivity, it all ends up pointing one way.’

Around 45 roundels will be used in the trial to mark the routes with installation planned for August depending on the weather.

Graham added;

“If the trial is successful and residents of take to the scheme, additional roundels could be used to increase the visibility of the wider town centre, pinpoint the most direct routes and also highlight interesting side streets and along the way.”

“The markers will improve connectivity to both ends of the town centre and help visitors navigate through the town and see all that Beverley has to offer. There is also potential for further pavement signage to highlight other walking routes through Beverley.”

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