Council Officially Launches East Riding Economic Strategy

Council Officially Launches East Riding Economic Strategy
Council Officially Launches East Riding Economic Strategy

has officially launched the East Riding Economic Strategy 2018-2022.

The document has been prepared by the council and will act as a blueprint in guiding economic activity in the East Riding for the next five years, with the aim of promoting growth in all parts of the area.

The Government launched a national industrial strategy in November 2017, outlining its vision to build a Britain for the future and capitalise on its strengths and advantages to improve productivity, innovation and create high-quality while working towards a low-carbon economy.

The strategy identifies four priorities to enable the East Riding to respond to the Government’s vision at a local level and complement the ambitions of the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership and the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership.

It aims to build on the East Riding’s natural specialisms, such as those in food, manufacturing and the sector while continuing to address longstanding challenges in productivity, innovation, business growth, skills demand and existing pockets of deprivation in urban, rural and coastal areas.

The four priorities identified in the strategy are:

• Business growth: Support sector growth and bring forward and maintain an attractive portfolio of sites in combination with high-quality and effective business support services.
• Lifelong learning: Equip people with the skills they need to progress in the labour market, engage those furthest from or and deliver higher level skills to meet the demands of the local economy.
• Quality locations: Develop a ‘place-based’ approach to meet the housing, infrastructure, and local service needs to create sustainable and growing communities.
• Sustainable economy: Ensure greater cohesion and integration between our natural and economic asset base to contribute towards a more sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Councillor , cabinet portfolio holder for economic investment and planning delivery, said:

“The council is excited to launch this new strategy. It is especially apt that this is being done during Humber Business Week, which showcases the wealth of talent, entrepreneurship, vision and future potential of the region.

“Having a robust strategy in place to support businesses to grow and ensure local people have the qualifications and skills necessary to seize new opportunities is vitally important.”

The East Riding Economic Strategy is available to view at

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