Beverley Civic Society Unveils Latest Historic Information Board

Beverley Civic Society Unveils Latest Historic Information Board
Beverley Civic Society Unveils Latest Historic Information Board

Beverley Civic Society has unveiled their latest historic information board which they hope will help people understand more about the Town.

Located in Saturday Market on the wall of The Grapes, the board which was produced locally provides snippets of information from years gone by.

Pamela Hopkins, Secretary of the Beverley Civic Society, Dick Lidwell, Head of Development and Barbara English say they are very pleased with the board.

Speaking to about the project, Barbara said;

 “The Civic Society decided that people did not really understand the history of the places they were walking around. We wanted to put up boards that tell them something about places of most significance to the town.”

PHOTO : First board which is located at Within

“Our first one was North Bar Within, as we think that is a great end of town and the second one is Saturday Market. In very brief snippets from the 12th century going up to the end of 19th century, it provides a snapshot of the town’s history.”

“The aim is to give people a taste and we have a tag on them that more information can be viewed on our website. We are going to put one up at Beverley Minster, Flemingate, Wednesday Market, Westwood, and probably one on the Friary site.”

“We want people to look at them – we are happy for people to comment on them and hope this one will make the market place even more interesting.”

Not just aimed at tourists, the Civic Society hope locals will enjoy them adding they may provoke memories of their life in Beverley.

While the Civic Society oppose clutter, they say they are really pleased with the latest board which has been fitted on the wall of The Grapes pub.

Barbara said that people are very happy to allow the boards to be put on their walls as it improves the chances of people stopping outside their business.

Funded by the Beverley Civic Society Barbara explained that the work to produce the boards was all done locally, she said;

“Print & Design based at Tokenspire made the board and the carving was done by a local craftsman Alan Collingwood. The project is being paid by the Civic Society.”

“We have some money we inherited from , which used to be John Bird’s and also from the .”

“We also have 200 subscriptions from members who are happy to contribute towards the good of the town.”

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