Beverley High School Green Power Challenge Car Almost Complete

Beverley High School Green Power Challenge Car Almost Complete
High School Green Power Challenge Car Almost Complete

High School students have shown they have the skills to build a car as the vehicle they are producing as part of the Green Power Challenge nears completion.

Back in January visited students who were just getting to grips with the assembly of a kit car though five months on their car is almost complete.

Deputy Headteacher, Mark Colton explained more about their progress he said;

“Recently, we have been conducting a range of tests on the car ahead of the race. We have looked at how well the battery will perform, how long it takes to charge and of course how the car handles.”

“When we started the tests we thought we would use the smallest team member as the driver. While it helped with speed the reality was it was a bad strategy.”

“Currently, we are now looking at how we can improve Aerodynamics. The team are making disks, which will be placed over the wheels to enhance the performance.”

To get to grips with ‘driving’ the team involved with the project were taken to a Karting track, Mr. Colton said;

“Given their age, they were not supposed to race. However, as soon as they got on the track the competitive edge came out in all of them!”

Following the success of the project the school were given a boost after they secured funding for another car, Mr. Colton said;

“We managed to find a sponsor who has agreed to fund us so we can purchase another car. We are hoping to scratch build the next one which will teach those involved lots of new skills.”

“When we began this journey we were not sure what the students would make of it. As a result of this project, we have seen many of the girls either grow or develop a passion for engineering.”

The car which can travel at 30MPH will be put to the test next month when they race against other schools and colleges in the area.

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