Beverley Georgian Festival Gets Underway

Beverley Georgian Festival Gets Underway

On 2 September there was a preview of the some of the forthcoming events of the Georgian Festival.

Opened by the Chairman of in the , , guests were shown a new time-line of and the world from 1714-1837, could buy a book called Cabbages and Kings: , , and watch a film about Georgian and its buildings.

All there could also enjoy the 1714 ale specially brewed for the Festival by the local micro brewery, Atom Beers.

The next event is the tasting of the delicious Bun – in , a central stall with organisers urging to come along and try it for themselves.

On Saturday will also have the chance to get their hands on the Cabbages and Kings book that will also be on sale then for only £6 which has many pictures and good stories of the 900-year-old market.

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