Evans Halshaw Combats Potholes With Free Wheel Alignment And Suspension Check

Evans Halshaw Combats Potholes With Free Wheel Alignment And Suspension Check

Whilst the winter frosts may have been and gone, for many the roads carry a constant reminder of our ever changing weather.

Recent statistics reveal that there are over 2 million potholes in the UK, which if combined would create a hole big enough to hold a staggering 58,000 cars! With British drivers covering over 200 billion miles every year, local motorists in are suffering the effects of poor road conditions.

Fortunately, local dealer is on hand to ensure that cars are ship-shape for the upcoming summer holiday getaways, as the dealership on is offering a free wheel alignment and suspension check.

Last year, local authorities filled in approximately 18324 potholes throughout Yorkshire and the Humber. However, with councils spending more than £114m annually on these fixes, it’s becoming ever more challenging for them to stay on top of the situation, so calls are being made for drivers to better protect and maintain their vehicles.

, Dealer Principal at in , comments: “After the terrible rain we experienced over the last few months, many have been noticing the damage poor roads can do to their cars. With many expecting to over the summer holidays, it’s more important than ever for your car to be in top condition for any long drives.”

“The minimum depth for a pothole is just 40mm. Driving over these, combined with speed bumps and knocks against kerbs, affects both wheel alignment and suspension, which can lead to a whole host of problems including tyre wear, handling issues, increased fuel consumption and longer braking distances. What’s most concerning is that as these effects happen gradually, most motorists are not aware of them. This is why we are offering a free wheel alignment and suspension check. Our experienced technicians are on hand to help guard against any loss in performance for our customers.”

To find out more about the wheel alignment and suspension check as well as all the vehicle and servicing offers available, please contact at , , HU17 0LJ. Alternatively, call 01482 862 801 or go online to www.evanshalshaw.com/ .

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