Beverley St Mary’s Update for April 2011

1. Priority  Issue: – Shop Lifting –

Shop theft has always remained a priority in the Beverley area and again this is a crime and location that is being targeted by the Neighbourhood Team.

The re-launch of shop watch has proven to be a success with not only the shops that are members benefiting but also the wider community with offending persons being issued with banning notices from all shops within the scheme.

A project is currently being formulated by Pc 2204 PEPPER which will involve the shop watch, Police, Anti Social Behaviour Team and local shops (not part of shop watch) working together to not only deal with offences of shop theft as they are committed but also to deter further offences and prevent offenders from returning to Beverley to commit crime.

The intention is that as offenders are identified they will be monitored and dealt with for any offences that they commit, banning letters and further involvement through Police and Anti Social Behaviour Teams will look to identify those offenders who are most prevalent in the Beverley area and to work towards obtaining Acceptable behaviour contracts and further on Anti Social Behaviour Orders.

We have been set a target to reduce shop theft and we aim to achieve that target.  A warning for those considering stealing items,  if you are caught, and prosecuted, then you will receive a criminal record that will have to be declared when applying for jobs.  Many occupations now require police check forms as a formality before interview.  If you have an entry for theft, then clearly it makes you less attractive to employers.  Those most vulnerable here are school age children who think it is funny or get dared to steal small items from a supermarket such as chocolate or a can of drink.

2. Priority Issue: – Parking and Obstruction Offences – Near to Schools

Further checks have continued in and around the local schools to ensure that parents who are dropping off and collecting their children obey by the laws of the road and do not park in a manner which is likely to cause a danger to persons attending at the schools.

At this time motorists who have been found committing parking offences have been issued with fixed penalty notices of £30.  In the near future it is the intention of staff within the Neighbourhood Team to continue the checks as children arrive and leave school and further work may be done in line with the previous years project whereby offending drivers were given the option of avoiding a fixed penalty notice by being offered to write ‘lines’ as a punishment and being advised of their behaviour by junior road safety officers at each school.

This project is still in its infancy however the enforcement of laws relating to parking near the schools, preventing obstructions to local residents and ensuring the safety of the children attending at the schools which is of a paramount importance to the team.

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3. Priority Issue: – – Anti Social Behaviour

This area has been highlighted as a problem with large groups of youths attending the location and being involved in anti social behaviour and low level damage offences.

The majority of youths who attend on the park near to the Pavillion are not a concern and the Neighbourhood in no way wishes to discourage young and older children from making good use of the facilities that are put in place at the location.  However due to the incidents of late involving damage and anti social behaviour the area has been notified as a target area for patrols, particularly on an evening when the tendency for large groups to form is highest.

Any persons caught committing offences will be dealt with as they would in any part of Beverley and should persons be under 18 and involved in using alcohol then they will be issued with alcohol letters which can lead to a prosecution for persistent possession of alcohol, a criminal conviction and a fine.  Should youths be found in circumstances where they are liable to either be involved in offences or become victims of offences then consideration will be given to arranging for parents to collect their children.

In order to actively target this area patrols will be utilising a number of approaches.

4. Offenders brought to justice

During the month of April the following are a selection of incidents dealt with by officers within the Neighbourhood Team and the Beverley Teams.

A male youth who is currently subject of an anti social behaviour order was arrested, interviewed and charged with arson and breach of his ASBO.  He is currently on Magistrate Court bail for these and further offences.

A male adult was issued with a caution for using a vehicle without third party insurance having been using the vehicle for business use without the correct insurance to cover.

A warrant was sworn out under the misuse of drugs act in Beverley and further enquiries are ongoing regarding items seized from the warrant.

A male adult was issued with a caution following a shop theft offence in Beverley.

A male youth was arrested for public order offence after taking exception to being told to get of his cycle leaving Molescroft Park as he had not lights on it.

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