Humberside Police: Beverley Rural Update for November 2010

Issue: – Farm Watch – Remote Crime -Wednesday 10th November saw the launch of “Cesar”. A national scheme for the security and registration of agricultural and farm machinery. Two Farms from our area had nine items of farm machinery security marked. As a direct result of extensive press coverage and talks to local groups, farmers are ringing to make enquiries about the scheme and signing up to have their machinery marked. This is a national scheme and anyone interested should contact the Rural Community Team; Tel: – 01964 530320.

Farm Watch is still proving to be a valuable tool in the prevention and detection of crime.
Anyone not currently a member who wishes to join should again contact your local community team.

Issue: – Target Hardening – , , -November saw the community team participate in the Rural Network Road show. This involved various agencies spending time in rural villages offering advice and support. The Community team were able to offer advice, issue crime prevention leaflets and carry out target hardening in both and .

Issue: – Poaching – Dalton Estate – As many of you are aware, poaching, namely hare coursing is a seasonal activity. In the season running from September 09 to April 2010, Dalton Estate suffered badly with poachers. This then led to the community team running poaching initiatives on the estate, with a view to identifying and prosecuting offenders.

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Beverley Leisure Centre Awarded Funding To Build 3G Pitch

So far this season, September 10 to date there has been a significant decrease in offences committed within our area, all as a direct result of work carried out between the local team, land owners and farm watch members.

Offenders brought to justice

A male from was charged to court for criminal damage.

Three males were reported for summons for hare coursing.


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