Beverley’s ‘Class of the 80’s’ Reunion

On sat 23rd oct, the ’s ‘Class of the 80’s’  Reunion fundraising disco will start at 7.30pm and you can be sure of a night filled with all the magic tunes from the fantastic 80’s! The decade that brought us the rubik’s cube, neon socks, leg warmers, care bears and most of all  some brilliant , some  that have even stood the test of time and still top the charts.

Along with friends, decided that as a ‘Class of 85 girl’  25 years was  a fitting time to try and  organise this long awaited reunion.

“Having spoke about it for the past few years, I decided that the time was right to try and get this off the ground and the best thing to do was combine all the Classes of the 80’s so we could have all the schools and all the decades year groups together.  We felt a  good way to give something back was to have a fund raising night in aid of Macmillan nurses.”

Kerri also said that having watched the saga of the funding issues hitting the Memorial hall , she felt that a donation to the refurbishment fund was also fitting. She reminisced, “There used to be regular disco’s back in the 80’s at the |Hall and I have always been saddened that they did not continue through the years for all the generations to enjoy.”

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The event has had a great deal of interest up to press, with a facebook event page being set up and comments and a request for peoples top 5 iconic 80’s tracks proving to be a great success, the playlist will certainly make the disco one not to be missed!

DJ’s Chuz Benfield and Simon Burns will be making  guest appearances and with their years   of experience at  The   Disco and the night club, they know exactly the tracks to keep  Beverley on their feet!



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  1. Kerri you on here again?

    Oh and yes a “Class of the 70’s”(Longrcoft ’79) would be nice

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