Yorkshire Continues to Develop as a Cloud Computing Hub Following £2 Million Investment

Yorkshire Continues to Develop as a Cloud Computing Hub Following £2 Million Investment
Yorkshire Continues to Develop as a Cloud Computing Hub Following £2 Million Investment

In 2023, the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) greenlit a £6 million investment toward cloud computing research. £2 million of that was earmarked for a cloud computing hub in Yorkshire as part of an effort by several British universities including the University of Leeds and the University of York, with aims to create digital links between local and international business communities. Since then, several successful tech companies have emerged from the area.

Collaborative Technology

Cloud computing is one of the most effective collaborative technologies we have today. Collaborative tech enables people to work together remotely, whether they are drafting business documents or planning a holiday with friends. It takes basic principles set by social media and takes it even further, allowing everyone to contribute to a project in their professional and personal lives.

Besides cloud computing, other forms of collaborative technology can also contain an element of competition. For example, the iGaming industry in the online business sector. Jackpots at Pink Casino use a progressive system where the top prize increases when users spin reels on certain games. This incentivises gameplay as a crowd of separate players helps the jackpot grow, though the individuals involved are technically competing to get it. Competitive dynamics can also be implemented into cloud computing projects to benefit businesses with healthy competition.

Since 2020, cloud computing has become a focus for both government and private sector investment. Following an increase in remote workers, there has been a concerted effort to bring more Brits online as the UK stormed ahead of the rest of Europe to become the #1 tech sector, as reported on the GOV.UK site.

Yorkshire’s Cloud Development

Yorkshire has become one of the fastest-growing digital industries in Britain, predicted to grow by £1.6 billion by 2025. That was before the new round of investments into the region that may spur even further growth. As Yorkshire started to emerge as a tech leader in 2023, organisers also formed the Yorkshire Tech Climbers event to showcase local tech companies and the software they are working on.

Currently, one of Yorkshire’s leading cloud companies is Vapour. Based out of Elland, near Huddersfield, Vapour was founded in 2013. This was relatively early for a cloud tech firm, though the recent interest in the technology has propelled them to the front of the region’s burgeoning tech sector. They are designated as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider for the area, meaning that their customers can procure Microsoft software bundled with the services that Vapour already offers. It also means they stand to benefit from Microsoft’s continued advancements with their own AI and cloud-based products.

Alongside Vapour, there is also CloudCoCo based out of Leeds. They specialise in cloud management, connectivity solutions, and cybersecurity. Having been founded in 2006, CloudCoCo’s cybersecurity solutions are well-established, with many clients across the whole country. More recently, they have ventured into cloud computing to stay up to date with the ever-changing tech industry. For the last few years, CloudCoCo have partnered with Vapour to help reinforce the connections that make cloud computing possible.

As Yorkshire’s tech sector continues to grow, leaders like Vapour and CloudCoCo can expect a new batch of collaborators and competitors in the coming years. With investment into the region increasing, Yorkshire looks set to become one of the UK’s cloud computing hubs in the future.

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