Best Seaside Towns Near Beverley

Best Seaside Towns Near Beverley
Best Seaside Towns Near Beverley

One of the best things about living in this corner of Yorkshire is the abundance of spectacular coastlines on offer.

If you’re based in Beverley and the surrounding area, then you’ll have a handful of amazing seaside towns to explore, each of which provides a slightly different experience.


The North Beach in Bridlington has earned awards, thanks to the quality of the sand and shingle on offer beneath the incredible Flamborough cliffs. If you’d like to spend the night on the beach, and go out for a stroll at daybreak, then you might hire a chalet right on the seafront. Bear in mind, however, that dogs are forbidden from entering the beach during summer – so you’ll have to content yourself with one of the others.


If we venture a little bit closer to Hull, we find Withernsea. The promenade here has recently undergone some renovation, bringing it up to standard. The centrepiece, however, is the decommissioned lighthouse, from whose top you can get an amazing view of the surrounding town and countryside. Attached is a museum dedicated to the structure.

It’s also worth noting that the beach itself has earned Blue Flag status – which is reserved for beaches that meet a standard for cleanliness and water quality. It’s thus excellent for those who’d like to take a paddle. With new build homes in Withernsea constantly coming to market, it’s a town on the up.


This little town sits jus to the south of an incredible beach. The North Landing beach sits just to the north of the adjoining headland. Along with the nearby Thornwick Bay, it’s festooned with caves and little rockpools, where many little crustaceans make their home. If you’re taking the kids, then heading out with a bucket and a net is essential. Just make sure that you release those crabs after you’re done catching them.

Tunstall beach

This beach is a little on the secluded side. It’s perfect for those wishing to get away from the crowds. There are no lifeguarding services here, and dogs are allowed to roam with impunity. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is a place that’s beloved by fishers. If you’d like to spend an afternoon away from the stresses of everyday life, then this might be just the place to do it.


Hornsea sits on the coast, just northeast of Beverley. The beach here comprises fine sand and shingle, and like Withernea, the promenade is newly renovated, and the beach enjoys Blue Flag status. If you venture a little further inland, you’ll find the largest freshwater lake in Yorkshire: the Hornsea Mere. The area is well-preserved, with several homes dating back the fifteenth century, and the church dating back even further.

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