Beverley Treasure House Presents An Artist’s Talk Entitled ‘Home Is So Sad’

Beverley Treasure House Presents An Artist's Talk Entitled 'Home Is So Sad'
Treasure House Presents An Artist’s Talk Entitled ‘Home Is So Sad’

’s Home is So Sad exhibition opens with a talk at the Treasure House on Saturday, 1 April. This Artist’s Talk will take place on the opening day of the exhibition at 1.30pm and will last until 2.45pm. Two international artists living and working in Korea will be presenting their work.

Sam Robinson, one of the exhibiting artists, will speak about his own practice and that of his collaborator, Yeonkyoung Lee.

In Seoul, South Korea, he runs Keep in Touch gallery and project space, where he will discuss their previous exhibitions and curatorial work.

The exhibition will highlight the relationship between painting and broader forms of contemporary art, the social role of the medium, and the relationship between art and daily life.

This event provides an opportunity to learn about the themes behind the Home is So Sad exhibition, including the opportunity to ask the artist questions in the exhibition space.

These artworks illustrate how the places we live and the objects surrounding us reflect our attitudes, ambitions, and circumstances. Participants will also be able to learn about the various methods used in research and production.

Additionally, the artist will discuss how Larkin’s life and work influenced the exhibition and some of the ideas behind the artworks, along with members of the Philip Larkin Society.

You can find out more about the talk and the exhibition by calling (01482) 392782.

The talk costs £5 per person.

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