Walkington Heads Road Will Be Improved Using A Carbon-Reducing Scheme

Walkington Heads Road Will Be Improved Using A Carbon-Reducing Scheme
Heads Road Will Be Improved Using A Carbon-Reducing Scheme

The next month will see major road improvements on a country road, Walkington Heads, near Beverley.

The is investing £660,000 to upgrade the road surface along Walkington Heads, near Walkington, between Wold Lane and Coppleflat Lane. 

On 13 March, the scheme will begin and last for up to four weeks. 

An innovative, carbon-reducing system will be used, which removes the existing road surface to a considerable depth, and then recycles and relays the material. 

A new asphalt surface course is then applied to this material. 

As a result of this scheme, 238 tonnes of carbon will be saved during the construction phase compared to the traditional method for this 1.6-mile stretch of road. 

It is equivalent to burning around 92,000 litres of gasoline or 9,000 propane tanks. 

The savings have been calculated by the council’s subcontractor, Stabilised Pavements Ltd. 

The work will take place under a temporary road closure for the safety of the workforce and the travelling public. Access will only be permitted for properties within the work area.  

Wold Lane, B1230 Walkington, and Coppleflat Lane will be the diversion routes. 

As part of the contract, Britcon (UK) Ltd/Specialist Surfacing will carry out the work on behalf of the Council. 

Councillor , the council’s portfolio holder for environment and , said: “These road improvements are much kinder to the environment and we’ll be able to reduce our carbon footprint using this system, compared with regular methods. 

“We’d also like to thank drivers and residents in advance for their patience while this work is carried out.” 

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