MP Calls For East Yorkshire Rail Crossing To Be Reopened

MP Calls For East Yorkshire Rail Crossing To Be Reopened
MP Calls For East Yorkshire Rail Crossing To Be Reopened

A call for reopening England Springs Level Crossing, which closed without warning last month, has been backed by MP.

Over one hundred pedestrians cross this crossing every day, but Network Rail has closed it.

and , Councillors for Minster and Woodmansey, have worked tirelessly to express the concerns of residents affected by the closure to East Riding Council and beyond.

To learn more about how residents use the crossing, Graham Stuart is asking them to complete his survey at

A traffic light with sound would make it safer to cross the rail crossing, according to Graham, Sue Crowther, and members of the Open England Springs Rail Crossing Facebook group.

As a result of Graham’s letter, Network Rail has determined that the crossing, which is on a straight stretch of track with only a gate to control pedestrians, is too dangerous since nearby construction work may distract pedestrians.

Network Rail and East Riding of Yorkshire Council have proposed building a bridge at a cost of £10 million for the crossing.

According to National Rail’s Level Crossing closure strategy, a consultation must be conducted before the crossing can be closed without notice.

Commenting, said, “Yorkshire used to be a byword for common sense – but I don’t see much of it going on at England Springs at the moment.

“This crossing shouldn’t have been closed without notice, and this crossing shouldn’t be closed indefinitely.

“I’m working with campaigners, Minster and Woodmansey Ward Councillors, Network Rail and East Riding Council to make sure people can cross this route as before as quickly as possible.”

Sue Crowther of the Open England Springs Facebook Group said, “This is a nonsense, and only hurts people who are trying to get to work, take their kids to school or get to the shops.

“We can cross a crossing without being distracted by a building site – and so many people depend on this crossing for our daily routine.

“Please, if you use this crossing, join our group, fill in the MP’s survey and write to your councillors.”

Kerri Harold, Minster and Woodmansey Councillor said, “We are committed to thrashing out the best deal on the England Springs crossing.

“After our meeting with Network Rail, we need to make decisions as a council to ensure we get the best outcome for everyone in Minster and Woodmansey.”

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