Uninsured Drivers Targeted By National Operation

Uninsured Drivers Targeted By National Operation
Uninsured Drivers Targeted By National Operation

Uninsured drivers kill more than 130 people every year on our country’s roads.

In order to reduce the number of uninsured drivers, officers from our Roads Unit will participate in a week-long campaign.

The operation will take place from Monday 21 November to Sunday 26 November, with an increased focus on uninsured motorists in the area.

Sgt Diane Kemp, from our Roads Policing Unit, said:

“Uninsured drivers cost each taxpayer £53 per year as it is us who have to pay for uninsured incidents.

“We know some motorists have simply forgotten to renew their insurance, but there are many who deliberately drive without insurance – for many reasons. Half of the seized vehicles nationally were driven by people with criminal records and people driving without insurance are ten times more likely to be convicted drink drivers.

“Driving without insurance can have devastating consequences. It is the driver’s responsibly to make sure they are insured, and this includes those driving company vehicles.

“The law is clear on this. All motor vehicles being used on a public highway must meet the minimum insurance requirements.

“If you are caught without insurance, you will face a minimum fine of £300, and you will get at least six points on your licence.

“We will also seize the vehicle and the driver or owner is responsible for the recovery and storage costs. The vehicle won’t be handed back until there is a valid insurance policy in place.

“Even if the vehicle isn’t yours, as the driver you are almost always the one who will be held responsible.

“We of course want to educate motorists in our region, but we will enforce where required.

“If your insurance company has the facility, you can ask to be enrolled into their auto-renewal scheme to make sure you are always covered.

“If you are ever unsure as to whether the vehicle you are driving has insurance, you can check with your insurer, the owner, the gov.uk website, or via the Motor Insurers Bureau website.”

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