Top NFL 5 Games in England

Top NFL 5 Games in England
Top NFL 5 Games in England

The NFL has been playing games in London since 2007 and since then has played 33 games.

In the 2022 season, three games were played with matchups of Vikings vs Saints, Giants vs Packers, and Broncos vs Jaguars. The Packers were the final team to finally play overseas while the Jaguars played their NFL-most nine games. 

Fans are all over NFL odds as these games kick off a few hours before normal game times and both local London fans and fans back in the U.S. have been treated to plenty of great games. With games set to continue in London and more places in Europe, it is time to go over the greatest game London has witnessed between NFL teams.

Below you will find a debatable list of the best games played in London since 2007.

#5 New York Giants vs Miami Dolphins (2007)

To start off the list is the game that started it all in London which is the Giants vs Dolphins game. The Vegas NFL odds were likely very lopsided as the Dolphins entered the game with an 0-7 record while the Giants 5-2 with five straight wins.

With a rainy game, the score resulted in a 13-10 win for the Giants with all of their points coming in the first half. After falling to 0-8, the Dolphins finished the season with just one win, while the Giants went on to upset the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

#4 Detroit Lions vs Atlanta Falcons (2014)

While this matchup isn’t the biggest sell normally, this was quite the game for London fans to witness in person. Matt Ryan and the Falcons started off with a 21-0 lead going into halftime but that didn’t last long in the second half. 

The Lions had a 10-point third quarter and had a chance to tie the game with 3:56 left in the fourth quarter but after a failed two-point conversion attempt the score was 21-19 Falcons still.

The Lions got the ball back with 1:38 left with Stafford leading the team down the field for kicker Matt Prater set up to kick the game-winning field goal for the 22-21 win. The NFL lines had to be going crazy in this game.

#3 Minnesota Vikings vs Pittsburgh Steelers (2013)

This game featured plenty of star power with the Vikings Adrian Peterson and Greg Jennings and the Steelers with Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell. Adrian Peterson went off for 140 rushing yards and two touchdowns, and Greg Jennings also pulled in two touchdowns.

 For the Steelers, Roethlisberger threw for 383 yards and a touchdown, with Le’Veon Bell also rushing for two touchdowns. This game resulted in a 34-27 win for the Vikings (their first of the year), and at the time, this was the highest-scoring game in London.

#2 Jacksonville Jaguars vs Buffalo Bills (2015)

This list couldn’t be completed without a Jaguars game as this has become their second home with the league-most nine games played in London. This game was a wild one with the Jaguars taking a commanding 27-3 lead following a four-touchdown second quarter with six minutes left to play in the half still.

The Bills went on to score 28 unanswered points, which was capped off with a pick-six from Corey Graham on Blake Bortles. With five minutes left to play in the game still, the Bills had a 31-27 lead but the Jaguars had the last laugh, with Bortles leading the way and capping the game off with a 31-yard touchdown to Allen Hurns for the 34-31 victory.

#1 New Orleans Saints vs San Diego Chargers (2008)

After leaving the Chargers for the Saints, Drew Brees was facing his old team as well as his successor in Phillip Rivers. These two QBs put on quite the show for London fans and NFL fans at home as they combined for 680 passing yards and six passing touchdowns. The score of this game early in the fourth quarter was 37-20 for the Saints with the Chargers still not ready to be done. 

They attempted the comeback but failed after Phillip Rivers threw a brutal interception to Jonathan Vilma with 1:18 left in the game. Brees took a rare, intentional safety while kneeing in order to run the clock down which sealed the 37-32 victory and made this the highest-scoring game ever in London.

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