Teenager Who Terrorized A Vulnerable Woman Is Given Five Years

Teenager Who Terrorized A Vulnerable Woman Is Given Five Years
Teenager Who Terrorized A Vulnerable Woman Is Given Five Years

Crown Court has sentenced a teenager who viciously terrorized a vulnerable woman in her own home and posted the footage online to five years in prison.

Harvey Evans, 17, pleaded guilty to robbery, assault, and burglary.

After the incident on Wednesday 2 February this year, he was charged with the offences.

After gaining entry to a shed on Greenwood Avenue, Hull, Evans and two others robbed a 59-year-old woman after targeting her home.

As Evans and two others entered the vulnerable woman’s home, Evans made a gun gesture with his hand and placed it against the woman’s head to demand money. After that, he recreated the noise that a firearm makes when it is discharged.

In the video, Evans laughed at and punched his victim as she appeared visibly distressed and upset.  Additionally, she was exposed to an exposed flame from a lighter.

Jamie Campbell, community inspector said:

“Evans is, without doubt, a nasty individual who subjected a defenceless and vulnerable member of the community to a prolonged period of torment.

“Nobody should ever be made to feel unsafe in their own home. I am pleased he has now been sentenced and can no longer inflict misery or harm on the community.

“I’d like to thank residents for their assistance with our enquiries. I know at the time of the incident they played a pivotal role in assisting us with lines of enquiry to identify Evans after they were understandably angered and upset by the footage posted online.

“As a result of that assistance, we were able to promptly get Evans into custody and ensure that his victim was safeguarded and received the appropriate support she needed. 

“I hope that the outcome of the court case provides members of the community with the reassurance that we are there, in your communities, to support and take swift and positive action, against those responsible for serious offences and bring them to justice with help from detectives in the CID.”

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