Stunning Victory For Libdems In East Yorkshire By-Election

Stunning Victory For Libdems In East Yorkshire By-Election
Stunning Victory For Libdems In East Yorkshire By-Election

The Liberal Democrats in East Yorkshire are celebrating again following their ‘stunning’ victory in the By-Election held on Thursday.

Voters overwhelmingly voted in favour of the Liberal Demoncrats who bagged 57% of the votes cast electing Jayne Phoenix to represent them at County Hall.

Members of the Liberal Democrats are delighted with the result in what they say was viewed as a ‘so-called safe Tory Ward.’  This latest result builds on the success of the party Nationally, in Beverley and East Yorkshire.

The latest win comes hot off the heels of success the party had in the recent parliamentary by-elections and the South Hunsley by-election in the East Riding.

Beverley councillor, Denis Healy was the agent for Jayne Phoenix, the winning Lib Dem candidate in Bridlington.

A buoyant Cllr Healy told that the result is proof that people are sick of Tories. He said:

“This success was a tribute to a most extraordinary candidate, Jayne Phoenix, and her campaign to point out the extent to which Bridlington hospital has been neglected and is suffering massive  cuts in services with local residents not being able to receive adequate healthcare in Bridlington.”

“It also shows how people are sick and tired of being taken for granted by the Tories whether in London or here in the East Riding.”

“This is not just a protest vote, this is a massive endorsement for a very popular local candidate who worked hard campaigning and was visible on the doorstep standing up for issues that people are concerned about.”

“What is becoming clearer is that the Tories only come out during election times when there are votes up for grabs. Whereas Libdems work hard all year round, rain or shine in the interests of residents and that is why Jane has won the hearts and minds of Bridlington residents.”

The Libdems ERYC by-election roadshow will now switch its attention to the pending election in the Beverley Rural Ward.

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