Horse Betting: How To Pick A Winner

Horse Betting: How To Pick A Winner
Horse Betting: How To Pick A Winner

Betting is a favourite form of entertainment for many adults across the world. It offers high feelings of thrill and anticipation that can be rare in other situations.

Horse betting is one of the hardest yet most entertaining gambling options.

Although you can earn a lot, you can also be frustrated because you cannot always predict the winner. Some people select the horse because of its name, and some because of the colours of the jockey.

However, only experienced bettors know the secrets of picking the winning horse. Even though nothing is certain, many factors increase the chance of winning.

In this blog post, we included a couple of tips that will help in increasing your odds when placing a bet on a horse.


People who consider betting on a horse race should have the key information such as odds, analytics, winning streaks, etc. Doing online research is the first thing you should do before you proceed with betting. Some sites like for example, provide guides and information on the best offers available that can help you win the next time you play.

In addition, it is always advisable to visit horse-related forums. There you will find vital information that surely affects the race result. This information often includes terrain win percentage, stamina, and the time from the last race. If an option from the betting list seems like a favourite, that should be your choice.


One of the most important things that lovers of this sport look for when choosing horses to bet on is their breeding and pedigree. This is especially important for younglings who have still not made a race appearance.

In case the father and the dam of the horse were both speedy champions, we can assume that the youngling will inherit their characteristics. In addition, if we are looking for jumping races, the parents of the horse have to be champions for you to place a bet.

Surely, this is the simplest way how we can look at the pedigree since there are more complex guides if you are interested. For that reason, don’t forget to check the pedigree before placing a bet, improve your winning odds.


Another very important thing to look into is the age of the horse. Readers need to distinguish between the type of racehorses and inform themselves on what their peek performance age is.

For example, flat races are more suitable for horses from three to seven years of age. On the other hand, horses for jumping races need to have at least seven years of age and are good until ten.

The training begins from an early age, and they begin visiting races when they turn two. However, you don’t want to bet on an option that is too young and is not well-trained yet, nor do you want to bet on a horse too old and past its performance prime.


While the horse is the most important factor in the race, betters cannot neglect to research the jockeys. Having analytics into the jockeys’ performance and training is crucial information if you want to optimize and increase your winning chances.

For that reason, you should look at the jockey’s past results and see how well they do. In addition, the previous contact is important even if the results were not so good. It takes time to get a hold of the horse, and see how they perform both during turns and straight periods of the race.

If the jockey had the previous contact, they might be more motivated to win. In addition, if they won the previous race, the chances are high that they will repeat their success this time again.

This factor is not as important as the ones from above, so don’t rely solely on it. Instead, use it as a method to decide on your favourite horse when you have a dilemma. 


Finding the appropriate information for the horses starting the race is essential for odds increase. The tips we included are the basis that needs to be further developed as soon as you get more involved.

Although it seems like a lot of time to spend on deciding which horse is the one that will bring you victory, it is the only way to become a winner and prevent frustrations.

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