A Last Hurrah For The Beverley Christmas Lights Appeal Group

A Last Hurrah For The Beverley Christmas Lights Appeal Group
A Last Hurrah For The Beverley Lights Appeal Group

The Beverley Christmas Lights Appeal Group is holding its last-ever fundraising event in on Saturday, 11 December – a tombola on their charity stall.

The tombola will be the final event after more than 15 years as a collective of fund-raising including retailers and citizens. The group has organised a variety of events which have raised over £50,000 to light up Beverley at Christmas.

Joy Jack, a member of the Group, said:

“The decision has been made for us to call it a day as more lights have been purchased this year and apart from a few places in the town, there really isn’t room for any more.

“Because of the size of the Market Place and the fact that it is also a car park, festive lights can only be fixed to buildings and lamp posts. In , the height of the buildings means that lights cannot be strung across as there is insufficient clearance for some of the large delivery lorries and we obviously have to consider Health and Safety rules and regulations.

“Beverley Town Council has purchased a new set of lights for the space where Toll Gavel meets Cross Street. However, delivery was delayed due to the pandemic, which means that it will not be available this year. A real tree has been erected instead.

“More of the Little Blizzards have been purchased for the town centre and also additional lights will be featured around Trinity Square opposite the Railway Station.

“Like other fundraising organisations we have not been able to organise any events for nearly two years. Therefore, the Beverley Christmas Lights Appeal Group is spending the money we have left on new lights and will not be undertaking any further fundraising activity. We are a small committee that rely on local traders and townspeople and have been fortunate to have their support.

“Beverley Town Council is investing in the infrastructure during the coming year – new power sources, stress testing of the brackets and all of the practical and safety aspects, all of which is expensive and will mean that there should not be any problems in the future with lights not working.”

“We would like to thank the East Riding Street Lighting Engineers, led by Peter Jacobson, who works generally out of hours to put the lights up and then take them down, as well Beverley Town Council staff for their support over our time as an appeal group.”

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