Have Your Say On Saturday Market ‘Pedestrian Area’

Have Your Say On Saturday Market 'Pedestrian Area'
Have Your Say On ‘Pedestrian Area’

is currently consulting with businesses, visitors and residents in Beverley on their views of a trial pedestrian and cycle scheme that has been in place in Saturday Market since May 2021.

The scheme has converted road space between The Grapes and the King’s Head to a new pedestrian area with cycle access. Strong outline support for the pedestrian area was received from stakeholders and businesses in summer 2020 and as a result, a trial was introduced.

Planters have been used to physically restrict traffic into the new pedestrian area and an experimental Traffic Regulation Order was put in place for up to 18 months. This allowed the trial to be installed with the public being able to comment whilst the trial is in place.

The trial aims to encourage more journeys by foot and bike into by providing more space for pedestrians, replacing journeys by car by reducing road and parking space, increasing access and storage for bicycles, and providing wider pedestrian links between existing pedestrian zones including and Dyer Lane.

The scheme also supports local high street businesses by providing opportunities to create seated outdoor space for adjacent retail outlets. This will provide a safe and attractive environment for people to enjoy, increasing the dwell time of people using the town centre, and allowing more space for social distancing.

The council is now seeking feedback on the first few months of the trial to gauge its influence on visitors and travel behaviour. A consultation survey on the trial is open for the public to access and complete until Friday 5 November.

Give Your Feedback – https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/SaturdayMarketTrial2021/

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