Plans To Improve Sustainable Travel Links Between Hull And The East Riding Revealed

Plans To Improve Sustainable Travel Links Between Hull And The East Riding Revealed
Plans To Improve Sustainable Travel Links Between Hull And The East Riding Revealed

Residents are being encouraged to share their views on plans to further improve cycle lanes in key parts of the city.

A consultation has been launched to gather views on plans to improve sustainable travel links between Hull and the East Riding, including improvements along key cycle routes from Hull to and Hull to Cottingham.

These include widening existing cycle lanes along Beverley Road, and making them mandatory, which mean they are marked with a solid white line and other vehicles are not permitted to drive in them. The road will also benefit from improved safety measures installed at traffic lights including upgraded signals for early starts, and green-coloured surfacing across bus routes and junctions in this key Hull to East Riding route.

The cycle route between Hull city centre and Cottingham utilises existing off-road cycle routes via Waterloo Street/Bridlington Avenue across Beverley Road through Pearson Park and the Avenues towards Bricknell Avenue into the East Riding.

The full plans can be viewed on the Hull Active Travel Commonplace website – and are available for commenting on from Friday 28 May to Sunday 20 June.

Councillor Dean Kirk, portfolio holder for transportation, roads and highways, said: “The purpose of these improvements is to make cycling a realistic transport choice for a greater number of people.

“The proposed schemes will enhance the route choice for cyclists, and ensure they are more visible when using these busy roads.”

Last year was awarded £2.7m from the Government’s Getting Building Fund, allocated by the former Humber LEP, towards delivering improved cycle links in the region and £500k of this will be used in the East Riding. The fund is now being managed by the Hull and East Yorkshire LEP (HEY LEP).

Councillor Gary McMaster, East Riding of Yorkshire Council portfolio holder for planning, infrastructure, and housing said: “This joint project will help provide greater continuity of cycle facilities on routes between Hull and the East Riding, which will improve cycle convenience and confidence using the routes”.

The funding forms part of the East Yorkshire Cycle Delivery Programme, which aims to provide improved continuous, direct, safe and attractive cycle routes linking large residential areas in the East Riding and Hull to key employment zones within the city.

James Newman, Chair of the HEY LEP, said: “Improving the cycling infrastructure in Hull and East Yorkshire is essential if we are to enable more people to safely cycle for journeys to work and for leisure, as this not only can reduce road congestion but importantly improves peoples’ health and wellbeing. Please do take part in this consultation to ensure your views are taken into account on this important initiative.”

The cycle lane improvement schemes will link in with existing and new cycle lanes currently being developed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Local residents and businesses affected by the proposals within the East Riding area will have the opportunity to comment on them over the next few months.

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  1. As you have already cut down and made the traffic flow very much slower, which is incresing the air pollution, which the cyclist and pedestrians can intake !!!! well done !!! do you realise there is no restriction on cyclist to have lights
    on or have a speed limit on the pavement, they ride up very quietly which in its self can be very dangerous !!!
    if you think you will force people out of there cars, YOU WON’T !!!! by the way, how many council employees ues there cars to get to work ????
    ps, A locaL 77 YEAR OLD RESIDENT.


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