Join WISHH Charity In A National Outpouring Of Love To Raise Funds For Your Local NHS Heroes

Join WISHH Charity In A National Outpouring Of Love To Raise Funds For Your Local NHS Heroes
Join In A National Outpouring Of Love To Raise Funds For Your Local NHS Heroes

WISHH, the official charity of Hull Hospitals is urging people across Hull and East Yorkshire to join the nation’s biggest tea break on the 5th July to raise funds for the incredible people in our NHS who’ve done so much to help everyone get through the pandemic.

Following a year like no other, the WISHH Charity wants as many people as possible to get involved in a national outpouring of love and thanks for NHS staff and volunteers on the NHS 73rd birthday by hosting or taking part in a NHS Big Tea Party on the 5th July.

Each event can be in person or virtual, with the community, friends, family or at work, and is a chance to reflect and say thank you for everything that NHS staff and volunteers have done and continue to do, by taking part in the nation’s biggest tea break to raise funds for the WISHH Charity.

People can host their own event or they can show their support by taking 5 minutes to enjoy a tea break, and making a donation of £5 to support the work of WISHH

Lisa Whitton, Charity Manager of the WISHH Charity said, “We’ve been proud to support staff and patients across and Castle Hill Hospital throughout the pandemic in one of the most challenging years in the history of the NHS. Funds raised from NHS Big Tea will enable us to enhance staff, volunteer and patient facilities across Hull Hospitals making a difference to staff, patients, and their loved ones to enhance the overall patient experience.”

Ellie Orton, CEO of NHS Charities Together, which is behind the NHS Big Tea said;

“Many of us have a lot to be grateful to NHS staff and volunteers for following the year we have had. They have been at the forefront of the response to one of the biggest challenges our country has ever faced.”

“NHS Big Tea is a chance to show our support for them by joining a national outpouring of thanks this July. For many, this will be an outpouring of joy, celebrating the vaccine and all that it is allowing us to do again.”

“For others, it will be an outpouring of thanks, for everything that our NHS champions have done for us. For some, sadly, it will be a moment of reflection on the loss of loved ones. Whatever the emotion, please join the nation’s biggest tea break to raise money for the incredible people in our NHS.”

Thanks to the support and generosity of the public over the last year, WISHH and NHS Charities have been able to be there for NHS staff, to ensure they can continue with their vital life-saving work, whether through funding counselling and mental health support, or support with practical needs, including access to drinks, snacks and a place to rest.

The WISHH Charity has used funds received from NHS Charities Together and local supporters to create a health and wellbeing facility for staff at Castle Hill Hospital and is urging the public to take part in the NHS Big Tea and enable the charity to continue supporting NHS staff, volunteers and patients.

A NHS Big Tea party pack has been produced to help plan and support your Big Tea event. To take part and get your pack, register your interest by emailing

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  1. This continued veneration of the NHS is a disgrace.The organisation was not fit for purpose before the pandemic and remains so.It is the most badly run and managed place in the country.Covid 19 and other virus’s are rife in most of the medical establishments but to point this out is not allowed.More than enough money is poured into the NHS but new ideas and better working practices are stymied by left wing political dogma and until this is addressed the NHS will continue to remain a drain on the public purse with little or no progress.

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