Emma Hardy MP Pleased With Bridge Reopening

Emma Hardy MP Pleased With Bridge Reopening
MP Pleased With Bridge Reopening

Following weeks of closures, as of Thursday 6th May, at 5am the Humber Bridge will reopen to the general public following a consultation period and safety upgrades.

Thereafter the bridge will remain open from 5am to 9pm every day with commuters wishing to cross outside these hours required to register with the bridge beforehand.

The Humber Bridge Board will be improving camera coverage, installing a ‘Wellbeing Hub’ staffed by specialist mental health and wellbeing volunteers, and using additional signage on the footway.

Emma Hardy MP for Hull West and Hessle constituency, in which the bridge is located said:

“The Humber Bridge is an iconic and beautiful structure, loved by many and I know how upset people were when the walkway had to close.

I have been meeting with the Chair of the Humber Bridge Board weekly throughout this time. I am very pleased that the Humber Bridge walkway is reopening for all users tomorrow, following an upgrade to the CCTV and the establishment of a well-being hub, staffed by Mind and the Bearded Fisherman.

I will continue to meet with the Humber Bridge Board regularly to monitor progress in the development of physical safety measures, such as barriers, and keep everyone updated.”

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