Popular Elwell Trail Around Historic Beverley Extended

Popular Elwell Trail Around Historic Beverley Extended
Popular Elwell Trail Around Historic Beverley Extended

The popular Elwell Trail, which consisted of 22 reproductions of paintings by Fred or Mary Elwell displayed on external walls in various locations in or near Beverley town centre, has been extended by adding 6 new works. These include three by Mary Elwell, two by Fred Elwell and one by Fred’s nephew Ken Elwell.

The project, which was led by a local solicitor and B&B proprietor Walter Sweeney on behalf of Beverley Civic Society, took two years and was finally completed in December 2020, just in time to celebrate the 150th. Anniversary of Fred Elwell’s birth in 1870.

“I would like to express my thanks to the many people who made the extension of the Trail possible” Mr Sweeney commented.  “I am grateful to Beverley Art Gallery and the private owners of the various paintings who allowed their works of art to be photographed for inclusion on the Trail.”

“I am also grateful to the property owners who kindly allowed the pictures to be displayed and the sponsors whose generosity ensured that the costs of , printing the photographs onto aluminium sheets, framing the pictures,  printing descriptive plaques and creating a small fund to cover future maintenance costs were all covered, without burdening the Civic Society or its members with any additional costs.” 

“I would also like to thank Mr and others who provided valuable assistance and advice to me when applying to for the listed building consent which was needed for four of the paintings.”

“Also, I would like to thank Professor Barbara English for her help and encouragement throughout the project.  Finally, I would like to say a special thank you to Mrs Wendy Loncaster, who not only helped source suitable additions to the Trail but also wrote descriptions of all six paintings based on her research and her considerable expertise on both Fred and Mary’s work., as exemplified in her books “Fred Elwell R.A. – A life in Art” and “Mary D. Elwell, S.W.A.: Stepping from the Shadows.”

“I hope that the Elwell Trail, which has provided pleasure for local art lovers and visitors alike, will continue to do so for many years to come. It is great that even during the lockdown, we are allowed to enjoy taking exercise in our beautiful town, and can enjoy not only the Elwell Trail but also the updated and improved History Boards erected by the Civic Society.”

“I  hope that East Riding of Yorkshire Council will support the Elwell project by funding an update for the Elwell leaflet which used to be available at Beverley Tourist Information Centre in the Library” Mr Sweeney commented.  “The old leaflet can still be downloaded using the link on the Project Section of the Beverley Civic Society website, which also provides information about the History Boards, the refurbished street pump and other recent projects.”

The new additions to the Trail, with their locations and sponsors,  are as follows:

“A Hidden Corner”  – A picture by Mary Elwell of her garden in North Bar, c. 1949.  Displayed at Carol Bird Interiors in North Bar Within and sponsored by Carol Bird Interiors.

“St. Mary’s from Waltham Lane, Beverley”  by Kenneth Elwell, who lost his life as a prisoner of war in 1944 (c. 1925). Displayed inside the and sponsored by Emma Knowles of Australia.

“A Street Corner, Beverley” painted by Mary Elwell c. 1918. Displayed at Bug Vinyl in Ladygate and sponsored by  Professor Emerita Barbara English.

“House in St. John Street” by Mary Elwell c. 1910. Displayed at Beverley Minster Parish Hall and sponsored by Mr Andrew Marr, President of Beverley Civic Society.

“Orchard” painted on the continent by Fred Elwell c. 1907. Displayed at East Riding Theatre and sponsored by Mr & Mrs R.D. O’Callaghan.

“In the Studio” by Fred Elwell c. 1914 – a portrait of the widowed Mary Dawson Holmes before her marriage to Fred. Displayed at Beverley Memorial Hall and sponsored by Mr Walter Sweeney. 

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