Funeral Directors New To Beverley Offers Decade Of Experience

Funeral Directors New To Beverley Offers Decade Of Experience
Funeral Directors New To Beverley Offers Decade Of Experience

Helping families in their time of need while supporting them through a difficult time is a key value of new Funeral Directors in Beverley.

Lewis Northen Funeral Directors was founded in November by local man Lewis Northen. An independent family , their approach is based on their family supporting yours.

Speaking to Lewis said;

“Our business is built on values to ensure that the care and how we look after others is what we would expect.”

“This is why we feel it is important that Beverley has an independent funeral director to offer support to families in the town.”

“Working with bereaved families is not an easy task. This is where a decade of experience and having grown up in the town really helps.”

“End-of-life ceremonies are powerfully poignant. They create a space for to come together while also playing a key part in starting the process of saying goodbye to those closest to us.”

“These services also give loved ones and friends a chance to fall apart together and of course, get back together. This is all part of grieving with the funeral service generally being the starting point for this process.”

Lewis Northen Funeral Directors Have A Wealth Of Local Experience

“Over the years there we have seen a real shift in attitude when it comes to discussing death. While it may not be the number one subject at the dinner table, more people are certainly more comfortable about planning their service in advance.”

“It is a real help if people have planned their loved one’s funeral in advance. From the simplest things like what music to play can make putting the arrangements in place less upsetting.”

“However, we understand that this may not always be the case. People may not have planned so at this point we are here to help to make the required arrangements.”

“This where we feel having a real local connection certainly helps. We feel that we are able to bring our personal touch which others from outside of the area may not have or even understand.”

Lewis Northen Funeral Directors are available 24/7. They can be contacted by calling 01482 888658

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