Lib Dems Join Residents In Saying ‘No’ To 90 New Homes On Poplars Way

Lib Dems Join Residents In Saying ‘No’ To 90 New Homes On Poplars Way
Lib Dems Join Residents In Saying ‘No’ To 90 New Homes On Poplars Way

Liberal Democrat Councillors have handed in a petition, on behalf of residents, with over 100 signatures saying ‘NO’ to plans ninety new homes to be built on Poplars Way.

Local Lib Dem Councillor Tom Astell said;

“In signing this petition, residents have sent a clear signal to the planning committee that this development is not welcome. Two years ago, the local conservative councillors backed the development’s outline planning permission through the back door. It’s time for residents’ views to be heard.”

“The only access point to the new development for HGVs and construction traffic is through a quiet residential area and directly next to a children’s play area. These are not acceptable to the local community.”

‘The disturbance to the lives of local residents will be considerable, as the development like this will take many months to complete, meaning resident’s quality of life will be negatively impacted for an unacceptable length of time.”

Councillor Peter Astell added;

“The access to the proposed development is also close to a popular children’s play area, which is used by families from the local area. We are asking the council to conduct a full health and safety report in order to safeguard children and families who use the pay area.”

There is still time for residents to add their signature to the petition, which can be found at

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  1. Dear sir/madam, I was Born in Beverley and I’ve been all around Britain, lived in 3 Towns and 3 Cities. My Mam and Dad was Born in Beverley and my 2 Brothers and a Sister, one Sister Born in Hull. At one stage we had 5 generations of family in Beverley, we as a family moved to Hull so my Father could get more work. We moved onto Longhill Estate and then onto Bransholme, which at the time was a new Estate on RAF Sutton Airfield. In the end Bransholme became a small Town in itself, when we first moved on there in 1971, we were living on a Building site. Beverley will resemble every other Town if too many Houses are built on the surrounding land and lose what was or still is at the moment a hidden Gem. What does more People bring, more problems, if those 90 Houses are built? they should go to Beverley residents only, Born there or a Family connection…

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