Courses By Safer Roads Humber Go Online

Courses By Safer Roads Humber Go Online
Courses By Safer Roads Humber Go Online

Safer Roads Humber is pleased to announce that it is now offering its driver safety courses online.

The partnership is rolling out the courses using Microsoft Teams and clients are being contacted to arrange a suitable date.

, the spokesperson for Safer Roads Humber, said: 

“We cancelled all our classroom-based courses at the start of the Coronavirus lockdown, but we were keen to offer clients an online version of the course, instead of having to revert the offences back to fines and points on a driver’s licence.”

“We have been working closely with the national body who sets the course content, and staff have been working to set up a new online system to deliver the courses.”

The new online courses last two and a half hours and up to eight delegates can attend, as opposed to the normal 20 when held in the classroom.

Delegates are expected to take part in the session, and topics covered are the same as the classroom, but the group work and discussions have been limited. The online courses are being run through Microsoft Teams and anyone who has a suitable computer, laptop or mobile device will be able to take part.

Ruth Gore continued: 

“We understand that it is a new way of working for everyone, so please be patient whilst we roll out our courses. It is our intention to ensure that anyone who’s been offered a course will be able to take one, either online or back in a classroom once social distancing is relaxed.”

Safer Roads Humber is currently offering Speed Awareness courses, What’s Driving Us? and the National Motorway course online.

Ms Gore concluded: 

“At the current time, we know that the amount of traffic has decreased and unfortunately a small number of motorists see this as an opportunity to use the roads as race tracks. We have seen some very high speeds which ultimately could result in crashes.”

“We ask everyone to slow down and #TakeExtraCare. It’s important to protect each other and not put extra pressure on the NHS.”

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