Energy Centre Plans Spark Concerns From Local Residents

Energy Centre Plans Spark Concerns From Local Residents
Energy Centre Plans Spark Concerns From Local Residents

Plans submitted to build an Energy Centre near to Beverley Leisure Centre have sparked concerns from residents.

Local residents brought their concerns to Beverley Town Council after they learned of the application made to .

The proposal is to construct a building to house two gas-fuelled engines, as part of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system. As a result of the application, it has caused alarm to people living in nearby Minster Avenue.

One resident on Minster Avenue says;

“The planning documents state that other sites have been rejected for this application because of noise problems which could be caused to nearby residents and that the Leisure Centre is an acceptable site because residents to the west are separated by trees and a railway line.”

“But there are no trees between the proposed site and my property or my neighbours. The railway line will do nothing to protect us from the potential noises from the building.”

Other concerns they have also been raised by residents include the felling of two mature trees to make way for the development.

Councillor , Liberal Democrat Chairman of Beverley Town Council’s Planning Committee said;

“This is ultimately a decision for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. However, Beverley Town Council objects to this application and supports the residents.”

 “They are concerned about noise, disturbance and also the negative impact on the visual amenity. The Town Council is calling for this matter to be referred to the East Riding Council’s Eastern Area Planning Committee so that residents voices can be heard.”

Cllr Urges Residents To Speak Out Over Plans To Build Energy Centre

Cllr is also offering his support to residents. He feels there are many unanswered questions while raising concerns about the impact on air quality.

He said;

“There are many unanswered questions with this application. Combined Heat and Power systems are potentially a source of air pollution. They can also affect air quality.”

“This is actually acknowledged by East Riding of Yorkshire Council on one of the documents they have lodged with the on-line planning application.”

“I have seen very little commentary on the proposed benefits of having a new power generation system.  I think that residents are entitled to know more about the proposals. They need to also understand any benefits while having their concerns heard.”

“If any residents want to express an opinion, I would urge them to put their comments on the planning portal. They can do this on the Council’s website. The planning reference number is 19/02368/PLF.”

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