Beverley Exit Yorkshire Cup After Defeat To Yarnbury

Beverley Exit Yorkshire Cup After Defeat To Yarnbury
Exit Yorkshire Cup After Defeat To Yarnbury

Beverley Under 15s played a ferocious end to end against Yarnbury (Leeds) in the 2nd round preliminary of the Yorkshire Cup this weekend.

The two sides had met for the first time last season and as expected this would be another close game.

Both sides threw everything they had at each other and with strong defence from both teams, this generally nullifying each others attacks, the smaller Beverley forwards carried the ball well, Harrison Petrie a constant menace and the returning captain returning from injury consistently turned over ball. Ben Walker tackled well as well as carried the ball throughout the game.

Beverley had some excellent possession, in the backs Eden Quantock kicked and distributed the ball well, Sam Acaster’s line speed prevented the Yarnbury centres gaining momentum and Nathan Cullen was a constant threat with the ball in hand and some valiant tackling meant his was unlucky to gain more ground.

Yarnbury, though capitalised on a Beverley penalty mid through the half to convert and take them into a 3-0 lead at half time.

In the second half the match continued to be exciting, neither side wanted to give ground, again a penalty to Yarnbury took them into a 6-0 lead.

Beverley threw everything they had at Yarnbury, Tom Barnards runs from deep ensured he made ground, the forwards drove the ball to the line and a knock on over the line prevented Petrie from scoring.

In the last minute, though Yarnbury sealed the win when from a line they drove the ball over for the only try of the day, with the score ending Beverley 0 Yarnbury 11.

There was no shame today in the result today, although the team will be disappointed, had a number of moves gone differently or on the field decisions been made then the result could have easily been different.

Man of the match this week goes to the Beverley’s number 8 Ben Walker who tackled and carried the ball exceptionally well.

Beverley now move into the Yorkshire Bowl competition and look forward to welcoming West Park Leeds on 5th November to BeaverPark.

Final Score : Beverley RUFC 0 Yarnbury 11

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