BEVERLEY ROCKS – The New Craze Sweeping Through Beverley

BEVERLEY ROCKS - The New Craze Sweeping Through The Town
BEVERLEY ROCKS – The New Craze Sweeping Through Beverley

Beverley Rocks is a new craze that is sweeping through capturing the imagination of children and adults alike.

Beverley Rocks is a community on Facebook that paint, hide and hunt for rocks that have been hidden in Beverley and the local area.

Rocks when found have a message on them inviting the person post a picture on the Beverley Facebook Page and to either re-hide the rock or keep it.

Rocks have been discovered through Beverley, in local parks, along the Beverley beck and the pastures around the town.

It is the youngsters who seem to be really enjoying exploring their town and finding the little works of art that are being hidden by other members of the community.

Katie Gibson who discovered her first rock in , on St Paul’s Way says the idea is great, she said;

“I think it’s a great idea! Children are been creative and active! And it’s really bringing the community together, brilliant timing too with the summer holidays.”

“We’ve kept for now will be ‘re hiding tonight or in the morning.”

“I also think it’s a good way of getting parents to join in with their children and get creative with them, it’s a very simple and cheap idea.”

“School holidays can be expensive taking kids out but with this they are kept busy and are getting to know and see more of their local areas.”

On the Beverley Rocks Community Page there are tips for people who want to decorate and hide their rocks for others to find. The tips given include what paints to use, where to hide them and what to include.

Those who then go ‘rocking’ the term used to described going hunting for rocks are encouraged to take a bag and also pick up litter.

Designs that have featured range in colour and design. They have included wildlife, cartoon characters and wacky colour schemes.

To find out more about Beverley Rocks please visit the Beverley Rocks Community on Facebook.

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