Yorkshire Party Want Region To Get Share Of ‘Magic Money Tree’

Yorkshire Party Want Region To Get Share Of 'Magic Money Tree'
Yorkshire Party Want Region To Get Share Of ‘Magic Money Tree’

Members of the Yorkshire Party have posed for pictures for pictures holding a giant cheque outside the offices of MP .

Standing outside the constituency office in Willerby, Diana Wallis, the Yorkshire Party Parliamentary candidate for Haltemprice & Howden was joined by other members of the party.

The Yorkshire Party were protesting after they say the Yorkshire is not getting its fair share of the Magic Money Tree that was discovered by Theresa May and the Conservatives.

Diana Wallis, commenting on the Magic Money Tree said;

“1 billion pounds extra was found for Northern Ireland as a result of the Tory Government’s agreement with the DUP. So, after being told it didn’t exist, there was Magic Money Tree all along!

“Yorkshire is in just as much need for spending on infrastructure, education, housing and so on. We want our fair share of the magic money tree too.”

May and her party slammed Labour during a bitter election fight accusing them of planning to fund their plans with a ‘Magic Money Tree’ – despite her own party have an uncosted manifesto.

Following a shocking result that left May in tears she was forced to seek the backing of the highly controversial DUP bunging them a cool £1 billion for their support to form a government.

While Northern Ireland cashes in on the Conservative election win many places throughout the UK including Yorkshire are facing huge cuts to public services.

MP David Davis who is leading the Brexit talks is having a tough time with the EU who have made it clear Britain is not in for an easy ride.

Mr. Davis made the news this week after he refused to give evidence to the House Lords saying he was unable to attend due to the ‘parliament’s summer recess’.

The UK is set to face a bill of between £15bn and £52bn to leave the EU – however the discovery of the Magic Money Tree should mean this leads to a seamless process.

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