Lib Dems Challenge Conservatives Over UKIP Standing Down In Beverley & Holderness

Lib Dems Challenge Conservatives Over UKIP Standing Down In Beverley & Holderness
Lib Dems Challenge Conservatives Over Standing Down In & Holderness

The have challenged the Conservative candidate in Beverley & Holderness, , to disown UKIP’s endorsement, after UKIP’s decision not to contest the seat, giving the Tories a free run.

In the 2015 general election UKIP polled just over 8,000 votes finishing third overall while the Liberal Democrats finished fourth in Beverley & Holderness.

Cllr Denis Healy who is confident his party can make a real challenge in Beverley & Holderness in statement released said;

“UKIP are standing aside for the Conservatives in Beverley & Holderness because they know Theresa May has adopted their divisive agenda wholesale.”

“As Nigel Farage has said, Theresa May is now using the exact words and phrases he has been using for the last 20 years.”

“Graham Stuart should make clear whether he welcomes being backed by UKIP or not.”

“It’s clear a Conservative landslide would be bad for ’s jobs, our schools and the NHS in Beverley & Holderness.”

“It’s not too late to ensure a strong opposition and a better future for our country.”

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party that can challenge Theresa May, fight to protect our schools and hospitals and give people the final say on Brexit.”

HU17 understands that UKIP do not have a candidate in Beverley & Holderness as  those members of the party have switched back to the Conservatives following the EU Referendum result.

UKIP, a highly controversial party have said if they win the election policies will include the banning the burqa and sharia courts, saying you need to see people’s faces.

Leader Paul Nuttall has will be standing in Boston and Skegness, a region that overwhelming voted to leave the EU.

The UK will go to the polls on 8 June when the UK will have a chance to have their say and select the government who will guide the country through what will be uncertain times.

Anyone wishing to vote has until 22 May to register so that can take part in what will be one of the most important elections in the UK’s history.

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