Broaden Horizons To Attract Employers When Leaving University

Broaden Horizons To Attract Employers When Leaving University

Zoe Fisher helped to improve the University of Hull’s employability statistics when she gained a new role at Building Society, just a few weeks after graduation.

It is tough for graduates, the popular jobs have hundreds if not thousands of applicants so what can help to make you stand out to potential employers?

Zoe Fisher had always wanted to travel and so at age 19, during her first summer vacation from University she applied for Camp Counsellor in the USA programme (CCUSA).

Zoe explains:

“Based in Cascade, Maryland I was on the camp for 9 weeks, then travelled for 1 week.”

“In the interview they are mainly looking for enthusiasm as well as being friendly, responsible, active and adventurous. Also you have to be comfortable working with children of all ages. I looked after girls aged 16/17 which was good because they could look after themselves – i..e get up in a morning and eat etc., but it was difficult because I was only 2 years older, although I had a great group and we actually felt like friends.”

“Travelling to the US and being Camp Counsellor definitely helped me to develop social and cross-cultural communication skills, as well as independence and confidence.”

“For me the best part was experiencing The States, not just as a tourist but as an employee (in the most fun job ever). I could do all the things the Americans my age were doing. I went to baseball games, shopping and the cinema but it was amazing just experiencing their culture. The other benefit was the weather, it was 30 degrees everyday, just like being paid to go on holiday.”

“I would definitely recommend CCUSA to experience something new during the summer holidays. I have made life long friends and I think it’s especially good for people from towns/villages to go because you get to experience so much that we just don’t have in this region.”

“In America the campers go every summer and the scheme supports their education. I was on a Jewish camp so they were learning Hebrew and participating in traditional celebrations which was fantastic to be a part of.”

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“Being part of CCUSA made me even more independent than I already am. I thought going from Hornsea to New York would be overwhelming, with the rush of the city but I loved it and realised how important it is to experience the way other people live and to open my  mind to new things. It’s very easy to be sheltered from things about the World coming from a small town like Hornsea or Beverley.”

Peter Myers, Chief Executive of Beverley Building Society says:

“Zoe was a very strong candidate for the marketing role. Our team was really pleased to meet her and we all asked questions about CCUSA. As an employer I think it is really important for young people to broaden their horizons and to show they have a greater understanding of the World. Obviously there are other options but being able to talk about the experience of living abroad or away from home at a young age, certainly gives a young person an added advantage, the edge that employers are looking for.”

“It’s great to have Zoe on board now. She is the fifth graduate that the Society has appointed across the business, and we take pride in giving young people a good start in their professional careers.”

“We have a close relationship with the University of Hull, and we have been impressed with the graduates the Business School has produced. I am sure Zoe will add further value.”

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