Residents Asked For Views On Council Tax Support Scheme


is in the process of reviewing its local council tax support scheme for the 2017/18 financial year and is inviting residents to give their views.

The council has to carry out a public consultation on any changes it may wish to make to the scheme.
It is proposed that the maximum rate of council tax support available to working age households, which is 75 per cent of the bill, remains the same for the 2017/18.

The council is also proposing to change the way it assesses claims to ensure it is consistent with the Government changes to housing benefit assessments.

From April 2017, the Government will be limiting the amount of child tax credit paid to a maximum of two for children born after this date.

Equivalent changes to calculations of housing benefit and universal credit claims will also be made from April 2017 to ensure consistency across benefit entitlement.

In order to continue this consistency, the council is proposing to do the same for its council tax support scheme for 2017/18.

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The consultation will run until 16 October 2016 and residents are invited to go online – to give their views.

A final decision will be made by members at a meeting of full council on 11, January 2017.

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