Colour Is The Window To Your Soul

Colour Is The Window To Your Soul

Whilst we may not consciously think about colour every minute of the day I can guarantee you, subconsciously colour is underpinning and influencing us all on a day to day basis. Colour affects us mentally, physically and emotionally.

On a conscious level we can be affected by colour through culture (Colour Symbolism), for example in China the colour red represents good fortune.

We can also consciously be affected by colour through association: disliking the colour green as it brings back negative feelings of school, for example.

Colour Psychology delves into the effects that colour has on our feelings and emotions at a subconscious level, whilst allowing us to understand the benefits of using colour in a more conscious way.

When I get asked what do I do? I apply colour psychology. Most people will reply oh yes I know about that. Red is physically stimulating, for example. But whether red is seen as exhilarating and exciting (a positive response) or as demanding and a strain (a negative response) depends on the type of red used and how it is used in relation to other colours in the particular scheme you are working with.

Colour should never be considered in isolation it is all about balance and harmony with other colours. As a Colour Psychologist I work with individuals and businesses to facilitate this colour harmony to elicit positive behaviours and physical wellbeing.

Do you feel your office environment is oppressive, are your employees lacking in energy, feeling uninspired or lacking focus? Do you feel your branding is not representing of your core values fully? Do you have a room in your home that every time you walk into it you feel on edge or you can’t settle, but you just can’t put your finger on it?

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I can pretty much guarantee you the problem is the colour (s). To solve the problem you have is not always easy as you can stumble around trying to work out where to go with the colours and why its not working. As a Colour Psychologist my job is to give you the answers to these problems. Explain why things aren’t working and work with you to uncover the best possible colours to use to suit your environmental personality.

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