Beverley Skin Expert Launches Facial Yoga Workshop To Teach Face Gym

Beverley Skin Expert Launches Facial Yoga Workshop To Teach Face Gym

A respected skin expert and is building on the popularity of the London trend for Face Gym sessions and is holding a Facial Yoga Workshop in Beverley on 22nd June.

Unlike the fashionable Face Gym concept that involves a facial workout in a salon, Dr Katerina Steventon will teach delegates how they can make their skin look and feel better in the comfort of their own homes.

Facial yoga is the precursor to the Face Gym and has been shaping the way people look for centuries.

Of the workshop, Dr Steventon said: “In the same way that physical exercise benefits our wellbeing and appearance, regular facial yoga benefits the definition of jawline and cheeks, helps to delay the signs of ageing by relieving facial muscle tension and reducing lines and wrinkles.

“During the workshop, we will learn techniques for firming up the neck, brightening the eye region, reducing frown and worry lines and relaxing the face.”

The workshop takes place at 11am on Sunday, 22nd June at Creation Fine Arts Gallery on Within and costs £12 for 60 minutes. For more information and to book, please e mail

Czech Republic born Dr. Steventon runs FaceWorkshops, an independent skincare clinic based in Beverley. She uses her PhD in skin science combined with her professional facial therapy training to provide clients with a bespoke package of scientifically validated products combined with facial therapies.

Dr. Steventon’s experience spans several years and continents from prestigious skincare brand, La Prairie in her native Czech Republic to Shiseido in and Smith and Nephew wound healing in Hull.

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