Yorkshire 4G Coverage

Internet coverage is vital in the modern world. Modern sociologists are even claiming that it has begun to effect house prices, with many buyers reluctant to live in a house that doesn’t have a decent broadband connection. Solutions like 4G could solve many of our connectivity annoyances.

Most of us acknowledge the ever-changing connectivity symbols on our phones telling us about our net reception, but we don’t really know what they mean: ‘3G’, ‘H’, ‘E’ and ‘G’… We just want a service.

4G might be a tad bewildering for many people who are already overloaded with techno-jargon, but most of you will be aware that 4G is designed to give you faster mobile internet. 4G is slowly superseding 3G in the majority of the Yorkshire suburban areas.

Around 55% of the country is now covered by 4G, with big cities the main recipients. Once you get outside of the big city, you may be less connected to 4G, but you will automatically revert back to a different frequency – just like your phone does now, flitting between those confusing symbols mentioned above. RootMetrics recently announced that EE currently provides the best overall 4G coverage in the UK – benefiting significantly from their 9 month head start. Phones4U offer a free coverage 4G checker on all their networks, with the EE service currently displaying the best 4G coverage in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire is well covered in cities such as Leeds and York, and all of the major towns, but when you head towards North Yorkshire you’ll find lesser coverage from services like EE. Coverage changes with each provider so check which provider gives you the best signal.

There are three different frequency bands which use 4G. There’s the 2.6GHz band which is good for inner-city recipients – it responds to a lot of users, it’s quick but it doesn’t travel long distances too well. 800MHz does well over long distances and travels efficiently through heavy walls making it suited to those in the countryside – the 1800MHz band is a happy medium.

The old 3G bands are becoming very old and obviously can’t cope with mass usage and modern demands. It’s important that the UK stays up to date with the best ways of delivering the net and 4G is currently our best option.

Yorkshire 4G Coverage

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  1. As someone who is due to move to Beverley this summer, I found this article very useful.

    One thing you didn’t mention though is when (or if) the 4G network is going to expand to cover the whole of Beverley!

    Also, could you tell me what the broadband service is like for the town?

    Best wishes,


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