Beverley RUFC Christmas Party @ Beaver Park

Members of Beverley RUFC celebrated with a party at Beaver Park, staff at Beaver Park joined in the festive fun by wearing Christmas hats.

The night was also supported by club sponsors, , Jason Wood and Rob Smith from VIP Communications as well as the Juniors sponsor from Richard Snowley.

Beverley RUFC Christmas Party @ Beaver Park

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  1. Wow Archie thanks for the greetings! Your memory does not stretch back three years to my 80th. When the one and only first team player to attend was Fran Pickering, in fact there were more people who played for Beverley Rugby League than first teamers. However this was more than compensated for by the plethora of 2nds & 3rds; (the 2ns travelling back from a distant fixture. Thank you all for that.

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