Longcroft Students Make Pledges As School Marks Anti-Bullying Week

marked Anti-Bullying Week this week by inviting students to make their annual pledges against bullying. These are renewed every year with pledges in a different format, for example last year was hands of friendship whereas this year they have used bricks to build a solid wall against bullying. The pledges remain on display all year to remind students what they have promised to do.

PSHEE Co-ordinator at Longcroft said

“We like to encourage students to make a stand against bullies and to make their intentions towards bullying perfectly clear. By having the pledges on permanent display they act as a continuous reminder to potential bullies that their actions simply would not be tolerated, and the students are just as important in giving out that message as me and my colleagues are.”

The pledge-making took place on consecutive days in both the Upper and Lower Schools and were well supported by all ages, the anti-bullying wristbands being particularly popular and allowed to be worn for the remainder of the week.

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