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The Cupcake Club was formed in September 2010 by two local tattoo artists. During a quiet spell at a convention they came up with the idea of tattooing small cupcakes for twenty pounds in aid of .

The idea has grown significantly, starting in Beverley and Richmond studios and growing by word of mouth to a studio in Scunthorpe and Spalding.

The public interest in the Cupcake Club has been significant and the team now attend all major tattoo conventions in the country and tattoo the cupcakes for charity, their booths are often donated to them by the event organisers with a designated Help for Heroes booth kitted out in camouflage netting.

The tattoo is a reminder of supporting such a worthy cause, can be placed anywhere on the body and designs vary.

This August the Cupcake Club attended Europe’s largest tattoo convention in Doncaster with 360 tattooists demonstrating their work.

Celebrity tattooists from ink and leant their support to the team by tattooing a few cupcakes themselves. The team also attracted the interest of major tattoo magazines including Skin Deep, Total Tattoo and Tattoo Revolution.

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The Cupcake Club even held their own two day convention at the major army base Catterick Garrison where celebrity tattooists and the team tattooed injured soldiers for free.

The Cupcake Club was booked out at all the conventions they attended, with all proceeds going to Help for Heroes. The team has raised £12,000 for Help for Heroes to date.

Reported by Erin Walden

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  1. i will be making a complaint about this, as the cupcake club was formed in spalding 2011, It seems any one can get the paper to come out and do a story to take credit of anything really..I was the one spending my time raising money, from 2011 until present date, I run the tattoo convention Ink for heroes, in aid of charity, where The cupcake club, which is copy written and belongs to me, work.

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