Saturday Boy to Salon Owner: Dominic Ackah-Amihere

Urban Qtr are bucking the economic trend and making a major impact in a time of fiscal uncertainty.

The Butcher Row salon have recently celebrated their first anniversary as a and are evidence that if the business model is correct, it can survive and thrive.

The architect of this success story is . A time and served hairdresser, he spotted a gap in the market and believes he and his staff offer a quality and service that makes Urban Qtr stand out in a crowded market.

It’s not, however, as though it has all dropped into Dominic’s lap. Starting as a ‘Saturday Boy’, he worked his way through the hairdressing business to a position where he felt he was able to take on the responsibility of running his own salon.

Dominic told .net: “I began hairdressing at the age of 14 working as a Saturday boy at Imij in Hessle while completing my NVQ level 1. I went on to complete my level 2 hairdressing, doing a modern apprenticeship which took 18 months to complete.

“I then relocated to Leeds city centre to join the upbeat chain at HCUK to expand my knowledge and skills in hairdressing and I achieved my NVQ level 3 in hairdressing.

“I then decided commuting was too much hassle so I began to work for Supercuts part-time, which I loved because it was frequently busy and I worked with friends rather than general colleagues.

“To fill my other days I worked at City Gent, also in Hull, which was a male-only salon where I got to use my knowledge in male hair fashions.

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“At the age of 20 I decided wanted to set up my own salon and that’s how Urban Qtr came into life. A year on I have realised it was the right decision.”

To prove he and his business are not standing still in a competitive market place, Dominic has brought in a new, exciting member of staff to continue Urban Qtr’s reputation for quality and innovation.

Dominic continued: “We have brought in stylist Kayliegh Mell, who has bags of experience at top-quality salons.

“Kayliegh is originally from Brough, where she completed her apprenticeship at Akina Hair and Beauty. She has gained six years’ experience on the salon floor, in all aspects of hairdressing. She worked for Regis salons in Hull and Leeds prior to joining the team at Urban Qtr.

“We also have Brooke, our assistant, who is working towards her NVQ level 2 in hairdressing. She has great hands-on skills and is always prepared to help.”

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