Laura Douse “Just me and my guitar”

, 26 makes it look so easy singing with her guitar across her lap and there seem to be no nerves or over excitement, she just genuinely wants people to enjoy her .

Laura says that she has always loved music and at 16 years of age, taught herself to play the guitar and started writing her own songs but didn’t have the confidence to perform in public until she got her first gig in the café she worked at around five years ago.  From that night, after receiving a huge applause, she knew that singing to a live audience was the best buzz in the world and she craved more.  “I loved the closeness of the audience who really seemed to enjoy my music; they really loved the music that I had written”.

Laura usually incorporates a few covers and sometimes a friends’ favourite song, always managing to make it her own without spoiling the original.  Laura although at her happiest on stage is a modest performer, there’s no gimmick just the girl and her guitar.

Laura’s day job, at the Comet call centre is a full time job, but she performs as many gigs as possible and really hopes that that one day she will get a break.  With a bit of extra effort on her part, I firmly believe it is possible.

“I’m influenced by so many artists, from grunge bands like Alice in Chains and Sound Garden to emo bands like Dashboard Confessional and to artists like Jeff Buckley.  I have been compared to Mazzy Star but I never really know how to describe my music, it’s just me and my guitar. I think there are a lot of amazing bands and artists out there at the moment but there is also a lot of manufactured rubbish.  I go to plenty of live performances myself, most of the recent ones have been unsigned.

All I have ever wanted to do in life is be involved with music, my dream would be to have fans who want to buy my CDs and to be able to play as many gigs as possible all over the world and quit my job.  I am realistic and know that it may never happen but I will keep trying – at least it’s easier these days for people to be able to hear my music on Facebook and Myspace.  But I have to admit I did consider applying for X-Factor, even though it’s not really my style but at one point it seemed like a good platform but now it just seems to be rigged.”

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Laura’s next gig is at the Bay Horse pub in Hull, near Napoleons Casino on Friday the 3rd of December. “This is a musician’s night every other Friday called ‘Fireside Fridays’ and it is one of my favourite venues to play; you get some really good local acts there.  I really wish more people would support local bands and artists.  It sometimes just takes one night out and it’s easy to get hooked even if it’s not a style of music you would normally listen to.  is a whole different experience than listening to it recorded.”

“Some friends and I have just started up a band, we haven’t got a name yet and it is still early days but we hope to start gigging in January. The sound is totally different to my solo stuff – a lot heavier.”

“If anyone is reading this and would like to get on stage, I say just do it.  There are plenty of music venues in the Beverley and there is no need to be nervous, none of the people will hate you if you mess up.  I’ve been known to forget the lyrics under pressure but I just make a joke of it and carry on singing.”

“If I could perform with any other artist it would be Chris Cornel from Sound Garden and Audioslave.  He has an amazing voice and writes brilliant songs – he’s one of my biggest idols.”

“I just want to play as many gigs as possible but I have also been hired for private parties and I would love to do more.  If anyone would like to enquire please contact me at”

Interview by Jess Clark

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  1. Laura Douse is one of those artists that keep the music going in the right direction, we’ve had enough of talent shows and even though we’d forgive if that’s what she felt she’d need to do to get noticed, we hope that she continues to tread the traditional route to getting noticed. We need need more artists who can play their guitars and tune them themselves too!

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