Beverley Town CC Walk 79 Miles in Two Days

The Wolds Way is a 79-mile trek that should take seasoned ramblers a good five days to complete, but this week twenty members of the Club set out to tackle it in just two, to raise money not only for their club, but also for the local MS society.  In order to achieve such an incredible feat, they had to set off for the starting point at the Humber Bridge at 2am.

Sixteen hours later, they had arrived at their one and only overnight stop at The Wolds Inn at Huggate near Pocklington.   Several of the walkers were struggling with injuries but were determined to carry on.  The landlord of The Wolds Inn, John Leech, praised the walkers for their efforts, as did Mitch Walker of Driffield Club.  The Driffield Rugby Club players were so impressed by the ’s efforts that they donated their beer money to the cause.

The group of walkers were aged from 17 to 60, with current and past players, wives and family members all involved in the challenge.  The walkers were backed up by a 10-strong support team of drivers and tent-erecters.

, of Town Cricket Club told “The members of the club were asked to suggest a charity that was related to their lives.  They chose our local Multiple Sclerosis society to join in partnership with.  The MS society provided t-shirts, sponsor packs and support in taking on this challenge.

“Beverley Town Cricket Club have also been supported by local businesses such as Beerhouse Self Drive who maintain their association with the club through the provision of mini-buses.  Fisher Game Larders  have provided a Hog Roast for all the walkers on the day after their return.

“It is two years since Beverley Town Cricket Club took up the challenge of The Lyke Wake Walk to raise money for The Children’s Heart Foundation.  The final total raised was £8,000 of which £4,000 was donated to The Children’s Heart Foundation; the remainder went towards the Club’s project to provide all-weather cricket nets for junior and senior cricket teams.  These are now in place and used daily.  Two years before that the Club raised £5,000 by completing The Great North Run, half of which was donated to Yorkshire Cancer Research.”

Although money is still coming in for this year’s challenge, the total stands in excess of £9,000. Picture Gallery: Click on the thumbnail picture below to enlarge the image to full size Picture Gallery: Click on the thumbnail picture below to enlarge the image to full size

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