Calls For Cabinet Member Top Say Sorry For Failing Vulnerable Children

Calls For Cabinet Member Top Say Sorry For Failing Vulnerable Children
Calls For Cabinet Member Top Say Sorry For Failing Vulnerable Children

Lib Dem Councillor is putting forward a Motion to this Wednesdays Full Council calling for the Council Cabinet Member Cllr to apologise for failures to oversee the and understand the problems caused in Special Needs.

Commenting on the motion Cllr Johnson said;

“Since the news broke about the failures uncovered by , I have had many distressing calls from desperate parents who are at their wits’ end.”

“As has shown, this council has failed in managing services for vulnerable children. I don’t blame the staff. But I do blame the Cabinet Portfolio Holder Cllr Abraham who has been asleep at the wheel.”

“Failing to ask the right questions, failing to get to grips with what has been going on and failing to apologise for her part in allowing this shambles under her supposed watch.”

“Under her complacent and out of touch approach, it has gone from “good” to “inadequate”. Now is her opportunity to stand up and apologise for her failures.”

Cllr Johnson continued;

“I have heard the considerable unhappiness of people who have complained and whose telephone calls and e-mails they feel have been ignored over the last few years.”

“That doesn’t excuse the Senior Councillors who were meant to be holding the Officers to account. We know they knew about these problems because the writers of letters tell us they have contacted them and are writing to us (and other opposition councillors) to try to get someone to listen to their concerns.”

“The Parent/Carer Forum which is set up to advise parent/carers of children and young adults living with SEND have been ignored. We Councillors have also been ignored when we have tried to highlight residents’ concerns.”

“We are asking for an acknowledgement on their behalf and a sorry. It’s not much to ask.”

“Just a recognition of failing, of lack of management grip, of letting tax-payers and these special kids and young adults down and a lack of oversight.”

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