Beverley Entrepreneur Fighting Fast Fashion With Innovative Service

Beverley Entrepreneur Fighting Fast Fashion With Innovative Service
Entrepreneur Fighting Fast Fashion With Innovative Service

A -based businesswoman who reuses and recycles unwanted and second-hand clothing is appealing for donations to support national charities using an innovative new friendly drive-through service.

Daisy Jessop (22) is the brainchild of the ethical clothing recycle business called .

The business aims to combat the ‘fast fashion’ culture by using the drop off points to collect unwanted clothing and reduce the number of items that go to landfill.

The company uses proceeds from sales to raise money for the RSPCA and RNLI, as well as other local charitable causes that have been struggling to fundraise during the pandemic.

Daisy said:

“Envirofriendly is a concept based on making an environmental, economic and social difference by using ethical business practices in textile reuse.”

“By combining a passion for the environment with commercial good sense, we offer a unique and compelling proposition to charities. We make a financial contribution to them based on an agreed amount per tonnage of items collected.”

Daisy’s family have been in the clothing trade for around 30-years. They have a large network of distributors across Europe, the Middle East and . who pass on clothes to those with the greatest need.

Daisy added:

“We are appealing to to bring us their unwanted clothes. Donated items need to be reusable so please don’t send anything with holes or that you wouldn’t feel comfortable passing on to a friend or relative.”

“If you have been clearing out or spring cleaning during the lockdown period this is an ideal opportunity to make use of our friendly.”

“Please bring us your clothes and we will put them to good use.”

Envirofriendly has recently refurbished its warehouse facility in creating a friendly drive-through/drop off point.

The warehouse, which is based at Unit 5, Belprin Road, , 0LN off . It has been converted for to drop off unwanted but reusable clothing items.

Earlier this year, Daisy signed a deal on a new purpose-built textile sorting facility in .

The new 6,000sq ft warehouse also has 1,000sq ft of office space all designed to increase the size of Envirofriendly’s operations. The facility serves the company’s textile clothing bank operations.

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