Coronavirus – Should Beverley Consider Calling Off Key Events?

Coronavirus - Should Beverley Consider Calling Off Key Events?
Coronavirus – Should Consider Calling Off Key Events?

Coronavirus is set to get worse in the UK according to health officials. With that in mind should cancel big events to help protect its residents?

As a result of the spread of coronavirus some countries are already taking drastic action to reduce its spread. But are little towns like doing enough?

There are some large events held in throughout the year. It is no secret that come to the town from all over the country. Some even visit from continental Europe.

The first real test will be the which arrives in in a just a matter of weeks. A cycle race it is set to depart from Beverley on 30 April. expected to visit the town from all over the country.

If the issue of coronavirus is still would you still want to see this event take place in the town? Or more to the point will you even want to attend?

Will Be First Coronavirus Test For Beverley

The given its route could spread the virus throughout Yorkshire on its own in a matter of days. With this in mind, serious questions should be asked and the risks assessed.

Welcome to Yorkshire say they are monitoring the situation while they are following guidelines which are being issued by the government.

While say they will take advice from the organisers of the in relation to the staging of the event.

They also add they are following national advice from Public Health England and the chief medical officer including the application of the Government’s Coronavirus Action Plan.

Then later in the year, we have the and . Granted these take place towards the end of the year but if coronavirus is still an issue should they still go ahead?

Between them, these two events alone attract numbers of 20,000 . That is almost two-thirds of the population of the town.

While most of us are getting on with our lives not too worried about getting infected, however are becoming infected and also dying. The government have stated that death is unlikely impacting around 1pc of those who get infected. Furthermore, once this virus gets a foothold it spreads.

Do not be surprised that if the situation carries on how it is that events are called off. Not just in Beverley but all over the East Riding and Yorkshire.

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  1. Project Fear.Lets get real,the scaremongering is just pathetic.People are NOT dropping dead in the streets there is no risk to the general population,Influenza kills more,What is it with people nowadays.

  2. Still think there is no threat to the general population? Haven’t seen bodies in the streets but they are now in hospitals. Maybe you could learn some patience and think a little before mouthing off next time. Your comment is still here misinforming people.

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